Our Mission

My GoodReal harnesses the power of technology to bring you the Real Smart Assistant for REALTORS®. It is a Real Smart solution for website marketing and listings, client relationship, and message management to help REALTORS® and real estate agents gain more income and time.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create happier, stress-free lives for REALTORS® and real estate agents, where technology won’t replace them, but instead empower them to streamline their business and get repetitive tasks done more efficiently.

Increase your income

The reality is that REALTORS® and real estate agents only make money if they can land a sale. It’s not an easy business, but we’re here to set yourself up for success. We’re equipped with effective tools and solutions to help you attract customers and close deals, so you can watch your income skyrocket.

Here to help you, not replace you

My GoodReal’s Real Smart Assistant is an assistant after all. It cannot and will not replace the real human connections formed with clients. We will never be a platform to directly deal with clients of REALTORS® and real estate agents.

Let IT work its magic

My GoodReal believes that every REALTOR® should benefit from the power of technology. Big data, cloud computing, MLS® data, Internet, and automation—these are just some concepts that many REALTORS® have heard but may not be familiar with. It doesn't have to be difficult, and we're here to help you realize how technology can streamline your real estate business.

Save time and energy

Not everyone is tech savvy or has the time to put in the technical work. My GoodReal makes it simple enough so that agents can quickly set up or strengthen their website and feel more at ease managing their workload every day.

Be cost-conscious

My GoodReal believes that every agent should have a branded website that’s uniquely theirs—but at an affordable price point. Real estate agents and REALTORS® already have expenses to cover, so it’s important to minimize costs when possible without sacrificing quality.