1. Is there a limit for how many articles I can post for my blog?

No. You can post as many blog posts as you want.

2. Who owns the domain I registered at the backend console?

You. You are the owner of the domain you registered and paid for. You can transfer the domain away from us, and register it with any registrar you preferred.

3. May I use my own domain for the website?

Absolutely. You can configure your domain’s DNS records to use our services. You can even register a new domain at the backend console and use it for your new website.

4. Which areas does your MLS® Data cover?

Basically, anywhere in Canada. Please check this page out to verify whether your area is already covered. If not, please contact us by clicking here. We would love to connect with your local real estate board and obtain the MLS® Data for you.

5. May I switch between the plans?

Yes. You can upgrade/downgrade your account any time.

6. I already have a designed and developed agent website. May I use it with My GoodReal to

Sure. The Real Smart Assistant can be used with any websites. You can use the embed code to insert MLS® Listings to your existing website. You clients are still able to register an account and use all services.

7. May I customize the website to make it look different with other agents?

Yes. We can customize the existing website themes to make it look different with other agents’ websites. Please check this page out for details.

8. Is my website mobile-friendly?

Yes. All web pages are optimized for mobile devices.

9. Can I create more custom pages for my website?

Absolutely. You can create as many custom pages/tabs as you want.

10. How long does it take to activate my account?

You can sign up any time you want, and It will only takes a few minutes to activate your account. Please click here to start the registration process.

11. Is there a limit for sold listings or exclusive listings?

No. You can publish as many listings as you want.

12. How can I reduce the monthly subscription fee?

We appreciate all clients that are sharing our product with their fellow agents. If you refer us a customer, 10% of amount he or she paid for the monthly subscription will be credited to your account as referral rewards. There is no limit for how many people you can refer, and the credits accumulated will never expire.

13. May I terminate my account at any time?

Yes. You have the right to terminate your account whenever you want. Once your paid period is finished, the service will automatically stop and you won’t get charged any more.

14. Will Pay-As-You-Go services cause a sky high bill?

Don’t worry. You can setup a daily budget to control your cost. Once the daily spent reaches the budget you set, we will stop the Pay-As-You-Go services. You will be billed again the next day, and will be protected by the daily budget as well.

15. Is My GoodReal only for Realtor®?

My GoodReal is specifically designed and developed to be the “Real Smart Assistant”. Because only members of a real estate board can have access to the corresponding MLS® Data, only Realtors® and other members of a real estate board can sign up and use our product.

16. Are all features available in the free trial mode?

Yes. Your free trial account will let you access all features during the trial period. You will also have some free credits to use the Pay-As-You-Go services like SMS text messaging. Once your credits are depleted, you can reload your account to keep using the pay-as-you-go services.

17. Do I need to provide credit card information for the free trial?

No. It is totally free to setup your account. We don’t charge any setup fees.