My GoodReal’s messaging solution helps REALTORS® save time by organizing all work communications in one place. With our user-friendly messenger interface, you can easily view your real estate clients’ full chat history, notify each buyer with listings matching his/her search conditions, and reply all inquiries made on your REALTOR® website.


Consolidated Messages

Access all your work communications in one convenient hub, so you can separate your professional and personal life. All your sent and received email and SMS messages with clients can also be grouped together based on similarities.

Chat View

Send emails and SMS messages using our chat-style interface, so you can scroll up and down to view your chat history and multimedia files. All messages are grouped by clients and recorded with a timestamp, so you can stay organized without needing to wade through inboxes.


Keep a permanent record of all email and SMS messages, so you always have access to your conversation history with your clients—even the messages you first sent and received years ago! The messages are stored in the cloud, so you never have to worry about losing the messages if you change your computer or phone. Use the search function to access messages with a specific keyword to find what you're looking for in seconds.