My GoodReal’s REALTOR® customer relationship management (CRM) solution helps you connect with your customers and better understand their real estate needs. Build more meaningful relationships by analyzing your customers’ buying and selling activities, so you can satisfy more clients and watch your real estate business grow.

Lifetime Statistics of Customers

Analyze buying & selling statistics, so you know how much time was spent on each customer and their total value contribution, including their indirect value through referrals.


Complete Customer History

Manage all your customers’ profiles, their buying & selling activities, and sent & received SMS messages—all in one convenient place.


Enhanced Customer Profile

Record more detailed information about your customers, such as their written & spoken language, zodiac sign, and lunar birthday. You can also record notes and apply custom labels, so you can improve your CRM.


Label Management

Create and manage labels for your customers, so you can filter them based on shared characteristics and send targeted emails. For example, you can assign labels such as "investor, "Business Owner", or "Vancouver".


On-Map Buying Statistics

Keep track of your buyer’s activity log such as how active they are and what listings they’ve browsed online and favorited, so you can better understand their buying behavior.


Stay in Compliance

Work as a trusted and professional real estate agent/REALTOR® by staying in compliance with your real estate board and real estate association. REALTORS® are required to disclose different documents to their clients before working with them. Your Real Smart Assistant helps you save time by extracting information from your account to prepare the documents for you and presenting them to your clients during their sign up process. That way, you can stay in compliance and work with your clients confidently.